Our Firm
With extensive experience in accounting, finance management and risk mitigation, we have the available team and experience to support and complement various litigation, risk mitigation, financial services, and investigative requirements. We operate on both the proactive and reactive sides of risk mitigation in a seamless fashion so that our clients can spend their time in the normal course of business. Our boutique size and structure allows our clients to work face-to-face with the key decision makers on our team.

Our People
Our team is comprised of Certified Fraud Experts, Certified Accounting Experts, Financial Experts, Program Managers, Business Analysts, Certified Valuation Experts, Data Analytic Technicians, and Transaction Services Experts.

Intellex Forensics professionals provide expertise to law firms of all sizes, corporate counsel, management teams, and government entities to help resolve various types of financial disputes. We are accustomed to providing support and leading engagements with a team of seasoned professionals working with clients that benefit from our multi-language capabilities.

Our professionals possess extensive industry experience and serve as frequent advisors and keynote speakers on issues relating to Forensic Accounting, White Collar Crime, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act “FCPA”, Anti-money Laundering, and UK Bribery Act.

Our Reach
Our professionals have served clients in over 100 countries throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, South America, and The Middle East. Our boutique size and structure allows us to respond to a client request efficiently and effectively.